6th BaXian on IT


6th BaXian on IT with Top Speaker Dr. Steffen Roehn, former Group CIO of Deutsche Telekom!

The Nadja Brykina Gallery with russian art in the heart of Zurich was setting the stage for a fantastic evening with special guests.

Dr. Steffen Roehn enlightened the venue with his presentation of the night:

“IT Security – a CIOs crown jewel?”

A terrific speech and interesting follow-up discussions with special insights and individual experience, including excellent security input from the audience created a unique event!

Have a look at the emotions, reactions and atmosphere. Over 100 experts, including many CIO’s, CFO’s and CISO’s from Palo Alto, Chicago, Amsterdam, London, Mexico City, Bern, Basel, Zurich etc.…

Baxian would like to thank you for a most enchanting and delightful evening!

The BaXian event comitée including Falk Moeller, Nicola Nowara, Marcus Fleckenstein, Margarethe Grunert and Lisa Grossmann did a great job with lot’s of long days and nights resulting in a special unforgettable night.

The team followed the BaXian philosophy of Excellence delivered!






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